Sunday, October 31, 2010

Using the Internet or a Travel Specialist - that is the question?

So many people wonder these days why travel specialists are even necessary in the age of the Internet. Well, ask anyone who has arrived at what they thought would be a five-star, beautiful ocean-view room with exquisite food and beaches, only to find a moth-eaten, moldy, smelly resort far away from all the fun and activity with horrible food and then you will know why.

 Let’s face it, any stock photo can make a resort look beautiful on a web site. We at Honeymoons Galore have been just about everywhere. If there is a resort location that we haven’t seen or stayed at, someone we know has. We can tell you exactly what you need to know about a location. We can help you sort through all the confusing information including what time of year is best to travel to a particular location, what resorts offer the amenities you want, how/where and when to exchange money, passport info, travel advisories, what to pack – really just about everything you will need to know about your trip is answered by your Honeymoons Galore travel specialist. We can find you hidden specials and we add a lot of special touches simply because it is your honeymoon. (Ask your computer if it can do that!!??)

Our agents have completed many travel specialist programs including Honeymoon and Destination Wedding certification program. We understand how planning your honeymoon or destination wedding can be stressful. Let us guide you through the process to ensure you are making the right decisions. Check out our FAQ and planning tips on our website which should answer most of the questions you might have. You can chat live with one of our travel specialists while on our site or you can read about why you should use a travel specialist to plan your destination wedding and honeymoon along with other planning tips.

We wish you both all the best and look forward to assisting you with all of your honeymoon/destination wedding plans.